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The settings menu has a lot of things you can change.  For battle options, you can enable/disable the zoom during attacks, pause timers when in a menu, or turn on God Mode. For cutscenes, you can adjust the volume of background music, sound effects, and the beeps when character talk. 

Story mode contains a brief prologue story to play through that combines VN segments and RPG battles. You can hold L-Shift to skip story segments so don't feel pressured to read through shonen melodrama.  

Free Play contains the two battles from the previous demo, but your party has some new abilities. Each of the two hubs has a button that will let you examine your party in either game mode.

Controls in cut scenes are:

Space or Left click to progress

Hold Left-Shift or Right Click to skip the segment and go right to battles.

Controls in battle are:

Arrow keys: Navigate combat menus.

Space: Select Shift: cancel Tab: Enable/disable the battle log Escape: Pause

E: Rotate through active characters (left). R: Rotate through active characters (right). You can use the arrow keys for this too.

 T: Toggle portrait visibility.


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