A downloadable game for Windows

An RPG where making an old man smile is just as important as saving the galaxy.


  • Two sci-fi storylines inspired by shonen manga that combined take a total of 60-90 minutes to complete.
  • A fast-paced turn-based RPG where grinding isn't necessary.
  • A unique cast of characters with wildly different skills and abilities.
  • Interact with your party members through silly dialogue choices.

Though the demo storyline is linear, the final game will have many different events depending on your affection levels with individual party members.


Controls in cut scenes are:

Space or Left click to progress

Hold Left-Shift or Right Click to skip the segment and go right to battles.

Controls in battle are:

Arrow keys: Navigate combat menus.

Space: Select, Shift: Cancel, Tab: Enable/disable the battle log Escape: Pause

E: Rotate through active characters (left). R: Rotate through active characters (right). You can use the arrow keys for this too.

 T: Toggle portrait visibility.

Please note that at this moment, battles are controllable only by keyboard and hubs can only be reliably controlled by mouse. Eventually hubs should be fully navigable by keyboard.

Full Release: Planned for August 2020

Install instructions

Simply download and extract the .zip file.


Magnetic Bonds 199 MB

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Played the actual demo now and it was pretty fun, I wish that it was a little longer but I'll have to wait till the full release.

Avicenna is OP as hell with his 40 OT attack.

Yeah, that attack is pretty strong. I don't have the time to add a new storyline for the September Demo Day, but there'll be a post-Mizar optional boss fight that lets you use all 6 eventual party members. It's not enough for new video content, but since you enjoyed the gameplay, you might like checking it out. It'll use the old save data so you don't need to go back and beat the demo again.

It was also neat to see someone check out the Datalog stuff. The Bestiary is a weird mix of gameplay hints and me referencing anime or Peep Show. Thanks again.

I enjoyed the Prologue segment a lot and I'll make the actual demo story a seperate video.

I like that it can get crazy hard in some battles with them actually aiming to take out the one person that can heal the others (or at least it feels that way) as well as one shotting your team if you don't debuff them quick enough.

I miss JRPG's that punish you immediately if you don't abuse the mechanics in the game, SMT Nocturne comes to mind with the press turn system where even bosses would abuse it.

I feel like this could be a big hit with people that like shonen anime and really hard JRPG's.

Thank you so much for playing it. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

In the cases of targeting the healer, that was mostly just bad luck, haha. But I'm working on enemies that have more logic to their attacks (like indicating who they'll target occasionally) or manipulate the "OT economy."

I really like shonen anime so hearing it compared to that makes me happy. It's the exact feeling I want.

Very nice waifu's